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Quality Urban Fox Control Services in Kent

Foxes are valuable to the environment; they eat and scavenge pests such as rats and mice. That’s why 3 Counties Pest Control implements safe urban fox control services, ensuring fox protection for you as well as controlling the fox population.

Professional Fox Protection Services

Our urban fox control services cover Kent, Sussex and Surrey. We aim to curb any population growth in local foxes in both urban and rural areas. If you would like to speak to an experienced urban fox specialist, call us on 0800 197 8181 and we’ll solve your fox problem fast.

A red fox in the snow
A red fox in the grass

Fully-Qualified Fox Control Experts

Our team is highly trained in urban fox control. We can pinpoint the reason for increased fox activity around your property and take steps to prevent access, as well as discouraging them from returning. This could involve blocking off entry points or setting up traps. We specialise in using humane deterrents, such as proofing and non-lethal traps.

The Trouble Associated with Foxes

If you’re plagued by urban foxes, contact 3 Counties Pest Control. There a few problems associated with an urban setting overrun with foxes. These include:

  • Danger to ducks and chickens
  • Disease such as sarcoptic mange and toxocariasis
  • Loud noises

Get quality urban fox control services with 3 Counties Pest Control