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Best Wasp Nest Removal Redhill

Are you searching for help with wasp nest removal in your home or workplace in Redhill, Reigate, Tadworth or Banstead? As experts within the wasp nest removal industry there’s no job too big or too small.. We provide a quick and reliable service to all of our customers.

When do I need a wasp nest removal expert?

The most common place to find a wasp nest is in a loft/attic, sheds or inside cavity walls. The nests are made from chewed wood pulp and saliva, giving them distinctive papery walls. 

To identify a nest, you need to carefully watch the flight path of the returning wasps. This will become easier the later it is in summer due to the number of wasps increasing.

As summer progresses, the nest will increase in size – even as big as a football, possibly larger. When you’ve located the nest, do not touch it! It’s time to call us, your wasp nest removal experts.  We strongly advise against attempting to remove wasp nests yourself because it’s highly dangerous.

Our Approach to Wasp Nest Removal Redhill

There are several species that exist in the UK, these are the Common Wasp and the German Wasp. Both nest underground or in lofts/attics, cavities of trees, walls and buildings. 

At 3 Counties Pest Control we provide effective tailored wasp nest removal treatments across Redhill, Reigate, Tadworth, Banstead and further afield . When we arrive at your home or business we’ll conduct a survey to determine the best solution. 

There are two ways we carry out wasp nest removal, we either:

-Spray the nest with an aerosol 

-Inject the nest as a whole or the entrance of the nest with an insecticidal dust. 

Usually just one treatment will be enough to destroy all wasps in a nest. But if the nest requires a further treatment this will be done free of charge. All of our treatments use approved products and application techniques that are designed to be environmentally friendly.

All pesticides are applied by our qualified and experienced team, ensuring the safety of the public remains key. As well as minimising the damage to the environment. 

Our wasp nest removal specialists have over 25 years of industry experience built up in and around Redhill, Reigate, Tadworth, Banstead. We have a strong reputation for reliable and safe pest control services for domestic, commercial and industrial premises.

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