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Best Wasp Nest Removal Lingfield

Wasp nest removal in Lingfield and the surrounds is one of our most popular services each year. We can eradicate all types of pests from your home or business in a safe and environmentally friendly way.

Your wasp nest removal team

At 3 Counties Pest Control we have a specialist team who are former Local Authority Pest Control Officers. We also hold the Royal Society for Public Health Certificate in Pest Control. 

The team are qualified in wasp nest removal and other pest control services for domestic, commercial and industrial properties. We’re also highly trained, insured and certified. 

We have a strong reputation throughout the local area including East Grinstead, Lingfield and Forest Row for our effective wasp nest removal service. 3 Counties Pest Control is also a firm believer in helping the environment. We recognise our responsibility for maintaining a clean and safe environment – not just for you, your family and any pets you may have, but also for wildlife.

Our approach to wasp nest removal

It’s only essential to remove a wasp nest if it’s a danger to the household or business. If no danger is present, the nest should be left undisturbed. If you do require a nest to be treated, our wasp nest removal specialists will be able to help. 

Treatment involves either:

-Spraying of the nest usually with an aerosol

-Or an injection into the nest or the nest entrance – this is with an insecticidal dust 

Typically a single treatment is enough to destroy the nest, however, if another treatment is needed this will be provided free of charge. 

All of our treatments use approved products and application techniques that are designed to be environmentally friendly. The products are always applied by our experienced wasp nest removal team member. 

If you’re unsure if you have a wasp nest please ask, we’re more than happy to pop to your business or home to assess the situation. We can then advise on the appropriate measures to take. Please contact us for wasp nest removal if you’re based in East Grinstead, Lingfield, Forest Row and neighbouring towns. 

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