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Wasp nest removal in Tunbridge Wells & Crowborough

At 3 Counties Pest Control we specialise in wasp nest removal in Tunbridge Wells, Crowborough, Southborough, Pembury and surrounding villages and towns. We work in all homes and businesses – there’s no job too small or too big for our team.

Why use a wasp nest removal specialist?

We strongly advise you not to attempt to remove a wasp nest yourself as it’s highly dangerous. Our team are specialists within the wasp nest removal industry and are trained to know the difference in species. We’ll always know how to deal with them the best way for you. We have specialised equipment and protective clothing to ensure the nests are destroyed safely. 

Our wasp nest removal team has over 25 years of industry experience working in domestic, commercial and industrial properties. 3 Counties Pest Control are former Local Authority Pest Control Officers and were founding members of the campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use. Each team member is highly trained, insured and certified ensuring a professional job is always done.

Throughout the years we have built a strong reputation for reliable and safe wasp nest removal in Tunbridge Wells, Crowborough, Southborough, Pembury and neighbouring areas.

How do we approach wasp nest removal?

It’s only necessary to treat wasp nests that pose a particular danger to you, your family and colleagues. If the nest does not pose a threat, the nest should be left undisturbed. 

If you’ve identified a nest that needs removing, the best thing to do is call our wasp nest removal team to assess the situation. Wasps nests can become quite large, around 22cm diameter in size, so it’s best to act fast. 

Treatments will vary depending on the location of the nest and the species. Treatments include:

– A spraying of the nest using an aerosol

– Or injecting a liquid to the nest or the nest entrance

A single treatment will usually be enough to destroy the nest, but if another treatment is required this will be done free of charge. 

Our wasp nest removal experts are strong believers in maintaining a clean and safe environment. All of our treatments use approved products and application techniques that are designed to be environmentally friendly. 

If you’re unsure if you have a wasp nest that needs treating we can visit your property in Tunbridge Wells, Crowborough, Southborough and Pembury. We will identify the most appropriate wasp nest removal treatment for your situation. Please contact us – we’re happy to help!

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