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Drain flies or moth flies are a common nuisance in homes. Drain moths show up at unused sinks. Well, they are not harmful, but their presence can make your kitchen or bathroom messy. Either you can hire a fly pest control service in Sussex, or you can get rid of them by yourself.

Identifying Drain Flies

Before knowing the prevention of drain flies, you need to know about the identification process. Here are some valid methods you can apply to identify drain flies:

  • Spotting drain flies is an effortless way to identify these fly-infested areas. First, you have to spot adult flies. You will find them resting on ceilings or walls of the infested area.
  • You can also identify drain flies by applying a drain test. Ask a fly pest control expert in Sussex if you need any help.

Getting Rid of Drain Flies

Getting rid of moth flies is an essential task. They are disgusting to your house. The sooner you will get rid of them, the better you will be less worried. In this following list, you will get some prevention ideas of drain flies:

Destroying the Breeding Source

After identifying the breeding source of drain flies, start the elimination process. First, clean the infested drain from outside, then pour 3-4 litre warm water to moisten. Next, pour a drain cleaner into the pipe. After a few hours of this procedure, run plenty of water to get rid of these flies completely.

You can also use warm water and bleach instead of drain cleaning gel, but they are not that effective against moth flies.

Using A Trap

Using a trap is an effective method, and you don’t need some expert’s help to apply this trapping. A trap is useful when your kitchen drains flies infested area. Add an equal amount of sugar, white vinegar and water on a bowl, add a few drops of dish soap. Leave the bowl overnight near your sink. The fragments of this mixture will attract drain flies, and as soon as they land on this bowl, they will be drowned.

If you have drain flies somewhere else like your bathroom, this trap will not help.

Killing Adult Flies

The best way to get rid of drain flies is by killing adult flies as they mainly create the problem. After destroying the breed of these flies, it only leaves you with adult flies. The easiest way to kill adult flies is by using the spray as soon as you spot them. You can also use dish soap with warm water to spray on these drain flies.

If you don’t want to use any harmful chemical spray or even dish soap mixture, you can use a mechanical swatter. It can be a more comfortable option since the adult drain flies mostly resting on the walls.

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